There is so much great video content being posted every day across the internet. Sometimes, you need to be able to download one of those videos to view later or use it when creating your own content.

To do this, you’ll need a fast and reliable internet video downloader. There are many of these to choose from on the market but they are not all equal. Some can even be dangerous and harm your computer.

To help you find the best options, we’ve compiled a list of the best internet video downloaders for 2024.

After careful testing of each option, we’ve created our list of the top 9 video downloaders along with our top pick for both safety and overall features.

9 Best Internet Video Downloaders in 2024

Here are the 9 best internet downloaders that you must check out:

  1. SnapDownloader
  3. 4K Video Downloader
  4. VideoProc
  5. Freemake Video Converter
  6. By Click Downloader
  7. SaveFrom
  8. aTube Catcher
  9. Wondershare UniConverter

1. SnapDownloader (Overall Top-Pick)


SnapDownloader is a top app among professional video editors and consumers looking to download videos for work or entertainment.

SnapDownloader boasts innovative, time-saving features such as a built-in video trimmer so you can choose which portion of a video to download. SnapDownloader also supports the most video platforms compared to other internet video downloader apps. 

SnapDowloader works with over 1,100 sites in total, and the list is always growing.

Overall, SnapDownloader is the best internet video downloader in 2024 for those who want an app that’s safe and easy to use.

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Supported Sites

SnapDownloder has the most extensive list of supported sites at over 1,100. Below is just a small portion of the platforms it supports.

System Compatibility

SnapDownloader is available for both Windows and macOS.

SnapDownloader Key Features

Supports 8K resolution: SnapDownloader can download in any resolution you choose, up to 8K

Download Private Videos: SnapDownloader can download private videos and entire private playlists from sites such as YouTube and Instagram.

Instant GIF Conversion: Select a portion of any online and immediately create a GIF for social media or meme generation.

Built-In Trimmer: Select any portion of a video directly from within the SnapDownloader app and you will only download the chosen segment. 

YouTube chapter download: Choose to download video chapters as separate videos.

Video-to-audio conversion: Turn any video into an audio file automatically with the built-in YouTube-to-audio converter.

YouTube browser: Browse and search YouTube directly from the app.

In-App Subscriptions: Subscribe to content creators directly from inside the app. 

Additional Features:

  • Save subtitles as text files
  • Simultaneous downloads
  • Download Que
  • Dark mode option
  • Bulk downloads
  • Schedule downloads in advance
  • 10+ file conversion formats
  • Download metadata with videos

SnapDownloader Pros & Cons 


  • Easy to use. Start downloading videos immediately after installing
  • Access the most video platforms of any internet archive video downloader
  • Rich features help you save time and control what you download
  • Consumer-friendly pricing options to fit any budget
  • Free trial gives access to all features at no risk
  • Considered the best video downloader for Windows 11


  • Currently no Android option


Video is a free online video downloader that allows you to quickly download video files without installing software.

Video Downloader works from virtually any device with a web browser, and you can start using it by visiting the site.
Overall, is the best free internet video downloader if you need to quickly download a video without installing software.

Supported Sites supports all the popular video-sharing platforms like YouTube, Instagram, and more. In total, it has over 1,000 supported platforms it can access.

System Compatibility is web-based, so it works with any computer that has a browser.

Key Features

Being an online tool, the features of are not as rich as a full desktop app. But as a free tool, it can still do a lot.

No software needed: You can quickly use VideoDownloader directly from your browser without software.

Free: If all you need is a quick download tool, is free and worthwhile to bookmark.

Conversion options: There are plenty of conversion options to receive the video file in the format of your choice.

No pop-ups: The site isn’t filled with pop-ups or dangerous malware ads like many other free online downloaders. Pros & Cons


  • Free to use
  • Supports over 1,000 sites
  • Works on any device
  • No software needed
  • No pop-up ads or advertisements


  • Being online only, some features of a dedicated app are missing like downloading 1080p and higher qualities
  • Can only download one video at a time
  • Limited to MP4 format only

3. 4K Video Downloader+ 

4k video downloader

4K Video Downloader has been around for about a decade. It has many of the same features as other video downloader tube site apps and a few of its own. It also has a mobile version for use on Android or iOS devices.

Unfortunately, many advanced 4K Video Downloader+ features are locked behind more expensive pricing options.

Supported Sites

4K Video Downloader+ has a limited number of sites it supports at only 17. Supported sites include popular platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, and Vimeo. 

System Compatibility

4K Video Downloader+ works on Windows, macOS/iOS, and Android

4k Downloader+ Key Features

Up to 8K resolution: Download videos from supported sites in up to 8K resolution when available.

Built-in browser: Users can search video platforms from within the app without the need for an external browser.

Private content: 4K Video Downloader+ can download private content and playlists on the platforms it supports such as YouTube.

4K Video Downloader+ Pros & Cons


  • Strong features to help manage and sort your downloads
  • Android version for mobile devices
  • Setup automatic downloads for specific channels and creators
  • Free version allows you to try the software (has limited features)


  • Limited number of supported sites. You have to buy additional software to access more sites
  • Pricing can be expensive. Many advanced features require you to spend more money
  • Annoying ads within the app asking you to upgrade to premium versions

4. VideoProc


VideoProc is a scaled-down video editing and conversion tool for content creators, but it also supports downloading and archiving videos from popular platforms.

With VideoProc, you can also convert videos from different offline sources, such as drones, GoPro cameras, and most other devices. Once transferred to VideoProc, you can edit them, fix issues, or convert them to the format of your choice.

Supported Sites

VideoProc supports most of the popular video-sharing sites like YouTube, TikTok, Vimeo, and more. In total, the VideoProc internet archive video downloader supports over 1,000 platforms.

System Compatibility

VideoProc has versions for both Windows and macOS computers. VideoProc AI features are only supported in the Windows version.

VideoProc Key Features

Editing & enhancement: VideoProc offers tools for editing videos and enhancing videos. These are not full video editing tools like Adobe Premier, but you can perform basic tasks and corrections.

Record videos: Record your PC screen and then convert or edit the video. 

Compression: Advanced compression options and formats for reducing file sizes while maintaining image quality.

AI tools: The Windows version has AI tools for the automatic correction of common video issues and flaws. Users can also increase resolution using AI.

VideoProc Pros & Cons


  • Lots of features beyond just video downloading
  • Editing tools are straightforward to use
  • Extensive list of video formats and compression options
  • Screen recording feature


  • If you don’t need all the editing features, the interface can be confusing if you just want to download videos
  • AI tools can have mixed results and don’t always look great
  • The app can cause the computer to lag when converting videos
  • More expensive than other downloaders

5. Freemake Video Downloader

freemake video converter

Freemake is a popular video downloader and converter that has been on the market for nearly 10 years.

Although it uses the word “free” in the name, the free version has many limitations. To unlock the full functions, you must pay for a license and buy additional feature packs. Overall, the different products offered for each task and the pricing can be confusing, which is a significant downside of Freemake.
However, if you only need a simple downloader and converter, the free versions may work for you if you don’t mind the limitations and watermark it adds to videos.

Supported Sites

Freemake works with the most popular video-sharing platforms like YouTube, Vimeo, and more. Their website advertises compatibility with over 10,000 sites. But the actual sites it supports appear to be closer to 1,000.

System Compatibility

Freemake is only compatible with Windows computers.

Freemake Key Features

Easy to use: The interface is straightforward and you can quickly figure out how to use the included tools.

Basic editing tools: The free version allows for simple editing of videos.

Conversion options: There are plenty of conversion options to choose from for outputting or storing your videos.

Freemake Pros & Cons


  • Works with a lot of video-sharing platforms
  • Free version available (but very limited)
  • Easy to use for joining, splitting, or trimming videos


  • Free version adds a distracting watermark to every video
  • Performance can be very slow on some computers
  • Each function (downloading, converting, editing) requires a separate app, which is annoying and time-consuming
  • In-app ads are intrusive on the free version

6. By Click Downloader 

by click downloader

By Click Downloader is a relatively simple downloader. It lacks more advanced features, but it can fit the bill for simple downloading needs.

One major drawback of By Click is the lack of supported video platforms it works with. At only 40 supported sites, it’s one of the most restrictive downloaders. But if you stick to the main platforms like YouTube, it won’t be an issue.

There is a free version, but it’s highly limited, and you will get ads along with pop-ups asking you to upgrade to their paid versions. Paid versions are available, but the additional features of the free version are less than those of many competitors, especially in terms of price.

Overall, By Click is good if you need a simple downloader, although the ads and pop-ups may end up annoying you.

Supported Sites

Only about 40 total sites are supported by By Click. 

System Compatibility.

By Click supports Windows computers only.

By Click Key Features

Automatic Downloads: When you copy a video URL from a supported site, you will immediately get the option to download it without having to paste it manually.

Private Downloads: By Click can access private content on sites like YouTube or Instagram.  A nice feature for a relatively basic downloader like By Click.

Conversion Options: There are basic conversion options to manually convert files from video to audio only along with a few other basic options.

By Click Pros & Cons


  • Has decent core features like private content downloads, playlist downloads, and subtitles
  • Despite the dated interface, it’s easy to use
  • Trim MP3s within the app
  • Free version is available


  • Performance can be poor. Some users report 100% CPU usage during conversion
  • Free version has annoying ads and pop-ups asking you to upgrade
  • Paid version is expensive compared to newer downloader apps with better features.

7. SaveFrom


Savefrom has had legal issues in the United States and no longer operates for U.S. customers. However, in many other countries, the website is still available.

At one time, Savefrom was quite popular for downloading YouTube videos. However, the program has changed over the years and now contains ads and also installs a browser extension that users find to be annoying and intrusive.

Overall, SaveFrom is not as good or useful as it once was, but we wanted to include it on the list for people still considering this option based on its past history and popularity.

Supported Sites

SaveFrom still supports many of the popular video sites like Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, and more. In total, it supports over 500 sites. 

System Compatibility

Savefrom works for both Windows and macOS computers.

Savefrom Key Features:

Compatible video sites: Savefrom supports over 500 sites.

Windows & Mac: You can use Savefrom on both Windows and macOS computers.

Conversion options: Savefrom has basic converting options for the most popular video and audio formats.

Savefrom Pros & Cons


  • Free version does work for basic downloading
  • Easily download via URL without manually configuring the app


  • Doesn’t work in the United States without a VPN or other workaround
  • Some users report ads within the app can lead to malware
  • Browser extensions that are automatically installed can be obtrusive and require manual removal

8. aTube Catcher

atube catcher

aTube Catcher has been around for nearly 15 years. The app allows for downloading streaming videos, video conversions, and screen recording. 

aTube Catcher still works to this day. However, the most recent update to the software was back in 2022, which isn’t great for an app like this.

Modern downloaders like SnapDownloader are regularly updated with new features and greater site support.

But overall, aTube Catcher still works in 2024, and it’s free (ad-supported). The download options are very limited, though compared to newer downloaders, the interface shows its age.

Site Compatibility

aTube Catcher works with many top video-sharing sites like YouTube, Vimeo, and more. aTube doesn't advertise the supported sites, but it appears to be around 50 sites.

System Compatibility

aTube Catcher only works on Windows computers.

aTube Catcher Key Features

18 Conversion options: Convert and output videos in up to 18 different formats.

Basic video editing: Built-in tools allow for basic video editing like trimming or cropping.

Screen Capture: aTube Catcher supports screen capture and screen recording

Totally free: There is no paid version, but you do have to deal with ads and the installer tries to load additional programs if you’re not careful.

aTube Catcher Pros & Cons


  • Has always been free without nagging you to upgrade
  • Screen recording feature is a nice touch for a free downloader
  • Basic editing tools can come in handy when working with videos from various sites


  • The installer tries to load additional programs during the installation. You have to be very careful to deselect these
  • Interface looks very outdated
  • The lack of updates means fewer supported video sites to download from

9. Wondershare UniConverter

UniConverter has been on the market for 17 years and has always been a popular video utility.

UniConverter does more than just download and tries to be a complete video utility for virtually every type of work you may need to do with video files.

The app does work well, but because of the other video functions, the video downloading features take a back seat compared to the other tools it offers.

This doesn’t mean it’s bad in any way, it’s just that it focuses on video conversion and AI enhancements over downloading functionality. So Uniconverter lacks things like batch downloads and other advanced downloading functions.

Site Compatibility

Wondershare doesn’t list every site it is compatible with, but we found it works with about 30 of the top video sites like Instagram, YouTube, or Facebook. Although, it doesn’t allow for playlist downloads and other advanced features.

System Compatibility

Wondershare UniConverter is available in both Windows and macOS versions

UniConverter Key Features

Fast conversions: Performance is good and the latest version does improve conversion speed.

Conversion options: Over 100 different video and audio formats can be chosen when outputting or converting videos.

Video editor: Perform basic editing like trimming or removing/adjusting audio in your video files.

Speech to text: Can convert speech in videos to text, although results can be mixed depending on the source quality.

UniConverter Pros & Cons


  • Lots of conversion options
  • Fast processing and overall good performance
  • Plenty of built-in utilities when working with video


  • Interface can be confusing and difficult to perform simple tasks
  • Many advanced downloading features are missing in favor of conversion tools
  • Much more expensive than other downloaders

What To Look For In An Internet Downloader App

There are a lot of video downloaders on the market and choosing the best option can be difficult. To make the right choice, focus on the options below so you can find one that fits your needs the best.

Features That Save You Time and Bandwidth

A downloader should have additional features beyond just being able to download videos. Things like batch or queued downloading can save you time. Being able to subscribe to accounts directly from the app helps as well.

Finally, a built-in trimmer like SnapDownloader prevents you from having to download a huge video when you only want a small portion of it.


Unfortunately, many downloaders contain suspicious ads or even malware. Make sure to always download your software from the original site and only use trusted downloaders that don’t try to install additional programs you don’t want.

Works With Your System

When looking for the best video downloader, Mac users often have fewer choices. Make sure your selection has both Windows and Mac support if you use both systems.

Friendly Pricing Options

Some downloaders have confusing pricing options and hide advanced options behind higher pricing tiers. That’s why our top pick in this list was SnapDownloader. Every pricing option includes every feature they offer.

This fair and transparent pricing helps make customers feel more comfortable with their purchase.

Supported Video Sites

Some downloaders have a limited number of sites they support, which can be frustrating when you need a video. Make sure your downloader can handle the over 1,000 video-sharing sites available on the internet.

FAQs About Downloading Internet Videos

Is Downloading Videos Legal?

In most cases, if you are downloading for fair-use purposes, downloading a video is legal, and you are allowed to do so.

How Can I Safely Download Internet Videos?

You want to choose a trusted video downloader from a reputable brand. Companies like SnapDownloader offer safe and virus-free downloaders and work with thousands of video-sharing sites. SnapDownloader also offers a totally free trial so you can test out all the features with no risk.

How Can I Download Internet Videos For Free?

You need a specialized app called a video downloader. These apps will allow you to access the video file and save it to your computer for viewing or editing. To download videos without an app and for free, we suggest using

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