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  • Overview: We explain how to download Instagram audio using SnapDownloader, both on PC and smartphone. 
  • Why you can trust us: We have a stellar 4.9/5 star rating from over 500 users. We also have a track record of helping thousands of users download from over 1,100 platforms, including Instagram. In other words, we have all the insights you need to download your favorite Instagram audio. 
  • Why it matters: Downloading Instagram audio allows users to enjoy content offline, use clips for creative projects, and build personal collections of motivational or entertaining audio without data limitations.
  • Action points: We suggest using SnapDownloader to easily extract and save Instagram audio in preferred formats like MP3, ensuring access to high-quality audio for personal or creative use.
  • Further research: We know Instagram isn’t the only platform you use. So, read our blogs to understand how to download audio from different sources—TikTok, YouTube, SoundCloud, and so on.  

Why Listen To Us? 

SnapDownloader has helped thousands of users safely download content from over 1,100 platforms, including YouTube, TikTok, Reddit, and Instagram, to name a few. And a 4.9/5 star rating by over 500 users only confirms how well we meet our users’ download needs.

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So, when it comes to snagging audio from Instagram, we definitely know one or two things.

Reasons You Might Want to Download Audio From Instagram

Accessibility Without Data

Assume you’re on a long trip with limited data access. Downloading the audio beforehand allows you to enjoy those funny clips, motivational speeches, or catchy tunes you found on Instagram without worrying about data charges or a spotty connection. 

Content Creation & Remixing

If you're a content creator yourself, downloading Instagram audio opens doors for creative possibilities. 

You could use a downloaded audio clip as background music for your own video project, incorporate a funny sound effect into your content, or even sample a musical snippet for a creative remix. Having these audio files readily available offline allows you to seamlessly integrate them into your own work. 

But before using downloaded audio for your content, we advise that you seek permission from the original creator to avoid copyright issues.

Curated Audio Collection

Let's say you follow a motivational speaker on Instagram who frequently shares short, impactful quotes. Downloading these audio clips can help you create a personalized collection of inspirational messages you can access anytime. This way, you have a curated library of audio content that can uplift your mood or provide a quick boost of motivation, all readily available offline.

How to Download Instagram Audio on Mac and Windows (Using SnapDownloader)

1. Download and Install SnapDownloader

First, you'll need a third-party downloader, which, in this case, is SnapDownloader. 

convert Instagram video to mp3

Head over to our download page and download the version compatible with your device. 

For the software to run perfectly on your Windows laptop, your operating system has to be at least Windows 7. And for Mac, we generally recommend Mac OS X 10.10 and above. 

The download process should be quick and straightforward, depending on your internet connection speed. Once downloaded, follow the on-screen instructions to install our software on your computer.

Important Note: Be sure to only download the software from our official website to avoid potential security risks.

2. Copy the Instagram Video Link

Open Instagram, navigate to the post containing the audio you want to download, and copy the link:

3. Paste the Link in SnapDownloader

Launch SnapDownloader and locate the “Search” tab. Proceed to paste the copied Instagram content link into the provided search bar. 

Wait a few seconds for SnapDownloader to process the link and display the download options.

4. Choose MP3 Format and Download

We offer various download formats, including video and audio formats. But since you're interested in the audio only, select the "Audio" format. 

As you can see, you can choose from various audio formats too, including MP3, AAC, and WAV. MP3 is a widely compatible and popular format, so it's a good choice for most users. Select "MP3" or your preferred audio format.

5. Download

Finally, click the "Download" button to initiate the download process. 

If you don’t want to download the video now—probably because your data balance doesn’t allow it—we allow you to schedule the download for later. Simply click the schedule button, just beside the download button above. Then set a date and time to initiate the download, as shown below: 

If the downloaded audio clip contains a specific quote, sound effect, or musical segment you want to isolate, we also let you trim it and extract that portion. 

Here’s how. Just beside the Schedule button, you’ll see a “Trim” option. Here’s what you’ll will come up when you click on that: 

You may then proceed to trim the content down to just the parts you need.  

6. Track Download Progress

We also provide a “Downloads” section where you can track your download progress. 

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How to Download Instagram Audio From a Private Profile 

Mind you, the previous method only works for public Instagram posts. So, what if the audio you want resides in a private profile? Unfortunately, many third-party downloaders won't let you download content from private profiles due to security restrictions. But don’t worry, SnapDownloader can lend a hand here too. Just follow these simple steps. 

1. Access the Private Content Through Our Built-in Browser

Launch SnapDownloader and click on the "Browser" tab. 

Our built-in browser allows you to access private Instagram content with the proper permissions. Simply paste the content URL into the provided address bar. 

2. Enable Private Downloads

Once the private content loads, you will see a lock icon at the bottom right corner. Click on that. 

download audio from Instagram

Following this action, SnapDownloader will prompt you with a notification asking you to “enable private downloads." Give the permission and select OK.

download audio from Instagram

3. Choose Format and Download

With private downloads enabled, the download button for the video will appear—click on the button. 

download audio from Instagram

It gets easier from here. You just need to follow the same steps as the previous section—choose an audio format and download.  

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How to Download Instagram Audio in Bulk

So, what if you want to download multiple audios at once, perhaps to create a collection or audio playlist? We've got you covered too—here are some steps to follow: 

1. Access the Bulk Download Feature

Launch SnapDownloader and navigate to the bottom left corner. You'll see a button labeled "Bulk Download.” 

Click on it to access the bulk download.

2. Paste or Upload Instagram Links

Once you click “bulk download” you’ll see a designated area where you can paste the content links. 

download audio from Instagram

We even allow you to turn up the heat by pasting up to 500 links at once. 

Pro Tip: You can create a text file, containing a list of Instagram content links. Just make sure you keep it to one link per line. So, instead of pasting each link manually, you can just upload the text file. This is more convenient and saves you time.

3. Review Links and Choose Format

After pasting or uploading your links, click "OK" to proceed. SnapDownloader will analyze the links and display a list of the videos from which it can extract audio. 

download audio from Instagram

Similar to regular downloads, you can choose a format for individual content in the bulk download list. 

4. Initiate Bulk Download

Once you're satisfied with the formats, click the "Download" button to initiate the bulk download process. 

bulk download in Instagram

How to Download Instagram Audio on Your Smartphone

There are numerous online tools to download Instagram audio on smartphones directly. But we can’t assure you that they won’t inject malware or viruses into your downloads. We also can’t guarantee they’ll give you a good quality, without any hidden strings attached. 

If these things matter to you, here are the steps we recommend to download Instagram audio on your smartphone: 

First, use our free online Instagram video downloader to download your Instagram video. It’s completely free. All you have to do is: 

  1. Copy-paste the Instagram link 
  2. Select a quality 
  3. Download the video

Once you’ve downloaded the video, you may then proceed to use a reliable browser-based video-to-audio converter like FreeConvert to convert the video file into audio format. This ensures that you get the audio you desire without compromising security or quality.

Capture the Sounds You Love from Instagram with SnapDownloader

Whether you need private or public audio, single or bulk downloads, the ability to trim the audio, or even scheduling for later, SnapDownloader has you covered. 

As you can see, downloading Instagram audio is super easy after all. You can literally complete the steps mentioned in this guide within minutes. 

So, why wait? Try SnapDownloader for free on your PC today! And if you prefer downloading on their smartphones, our online downloaders are also available for free.