From elaborate dances to comedy sketches, TikTok is the place to be if you want to be entertained. With more than 3.5 billion downloads, the TikTok app is the most popular social media platform in the world, so it's no surprise that downloading these clips is a top priority for many users. From video to audio, there's no limit to your creativity with the right tools.

At SnapDownloader, we're the experts in video and audio downloads from popular social media platforms. We’ve researched everything you need to know about the best tools for TikTok to MP3 conversion and collected it all in one handy place for you. Read on to learn all about it:

What is TikTok?

TikTok started as, an online social media platform for capturing short videos where users shared lip-syncing content. Since the early days, TikTok has evolved beyond its foundations, with millions of people swiping through content every hour of the day. If you want dog grooming content, the latest online drama, or ASMR live streams, TikTok is the best place to be.

It's no surprise that TikTok has quickly overtaken all other social media platforms, with thousands of people making the move to the app. With more videos come more download opportunities. So, it’s no surprise that people previously using Twitter or Facebook video downloaders are on the lookout for something just as good for their new favorite platform. So, if you've got a whole load of TikTok sounds saved for download, and you’re struggling to decide on the right service, why not check out our recommendations for the best tools below?

MP3 vs MP4: Which is better?

MP4 may be the most modern of the two mediums, with AAC-encoded MP4 audio files often the top choice, but what works for one situation won't for the next. If you're looking for something that works with old-school tech, MP3 is your safer bet. Not to mention, at a 320 kbps download, MP4 and MP3 sound roughly the same. So really, it's all down to your personal preference.

Why convert TikToks to MP3?

Why convert any social media to MP3? As with Bilibili MP3 video downloads, TikTok has way more to offer than just its visuals. Here are a few reasons why you might want to snatch up the audio from your favorite TikTik videos:

Extracting sound effects

Whether you’re planning on an exciting short movie or making something to show off on YouTube, TikTok can be an excellent source for sound effects. From busy city scenes to idyllic countryside noises, the audio content you extract from TikTok has thousands of uses. ASMR, action effects, animal noises, and more - the list never ends.

Making your own TikTok content

Want to make your own TikToks? The best place to start is with great sound. There's content of all kinds on TikTok, meaning there are also plenty of sound effects to discover and use. Extracting audio from existing TikToks allows you to take that sound and make it your own, whether you're creating a funny skit, dancing to a top song or making something unique and artsy to attract your audience.

Creating remixes

Some of the most popular sounds on TikTok are remixes and recreations of top songs. Think sped-up music, higher-pitched audio and different sounds mixed in to create something completely unique. Even if you're not the greatest videographer, the right sound remix can have you going viral for all the right reasons. Trends have to start somewhere, after all.

Best TikTok to MP3 Converters

1. SnapDownloader: Best Video Downloader for Windows and macOS


If you need a simple yet effective tool for downloading videos from hundreds of different platforms and services, SnapDownloader is an excellent choice. With a total of ten different output formats, including MP3 plus the option to convert videos to GIFs, it's easy to download TikTok videos without watermarks, ready to transform into any format you like. If you're looking for the whole package, SnapDownloader goes beyond most of the free browser-based options to deliver a great user experience and functionality.

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  • Time-saving One-Click Mode for downloads
  • Simultaneous downloads for multiple files
  • User-friendly with a super simple design
  • Conversion to ten different formats


  • Fast video processing with no limits
  • No ads to spoil the user experience
  • Cross-platform support for Windows and Mac
  • Access to 24/7 customer support
  • Multiple option subscription model for license


  • SnapDownloader license is needed to access all the features


The trial version of SnapDownloader is available for free, while a paid subscription with monthly, tri-monthly, and annual tiers provides access to the full features of our tool ranging from $7.99 per month to $29.99 per year. You can also choose to purchase a lifetime license for yourself or your family, ranging from $39.99 to $69.99.

2. TokClips


TokClips is a free online TikTok download platform. This browser-based tool can be accessed directly through your browser on a computer or smartphone, making it easy to paste in TikToks and download a converted format of your choosing. If you're looking for something simple and quick for a single download, TokClips might be the right option for you, though it is less robust than other choices on the market.


  • Browser-based platform accessible on computers and smartphones
  • Conversion to both video and audio formats, including MP3
  • Specifically designed for TikTok video downloads


  • No watermarks on downloaded videos
  • A simple, easy-to-use interface with no extra features
  • Free access with no subscription


  • No fast option for downloading and converting multiple videos
  • Multiple ads throughout the platform
  • Limited options for downloads, with no other platforms supported


TokClips is a free in-browser tool.



SSSTIK provides a purpose-built tool for TikTok that allows you to download your favourite videos in a range of formats with no watermarks. This platform is primarily designed for smartphones, with Apple Store and Google Play versions. That being said, you can still use a desktop version if you’d prefer. As a free platform, SSSTIK might be a good choice if you only want to convert one or two videos to MP3.


  • Accessible through a smartphone app or through a browser web application
  • Conversion to multiple formats, including MP3 and MP4
  • Simple tool specifically for TikTok downloads


  • Simple, no-frills platform
  • Free to use via the smartphone app or website
  • A range of different formats
  • No watermarks on TikTok downloaded content


  • Possible security issues due to a non-stable downloader apk
  • Low-quality video output
  • Large numbers of ads in-browser and within the app
  • Isn’t as versatile as some of the other tools on this list


SSSTIK is a free tool on-browser and when downloaded as a smartphone app.

4. QLoad

Qload is a lightweight, simple TikTok downloading platform that lets you download any TikTok video you like directly from your browser. If you're looking for something that does two things and nothing else, this browser-based option offers unlimited downloads in its specific niche. If you're keen to download high-quality TikTok videos or audio in a single MP4 format, Qload provides an alternative to the more complex options available to you.


  • Accessible directly from your browser or on Google Play
  • Paste in a link to immediately download TikTok video or audio
  • Designed for use specifically with TikTok content


  • No watermarks on any videos you download
  • Unlimited downloads for free
  • Browser-based platform works on all devices
  • Google Play application for ease of use


  • Does not offer MP3 downloads, only MP4
  • No options for different download formats
  • Doesn't support other platforms without visiting other sites


Qload is a free tool accessible via browser or on the Google Play app store.

5. TiktoktoMp3

TikToktoMP3 is an online tool specifically developed to convert TikToks to MP3 files ready for download. As a specific audio downloader, this tool is tailored for a single purpose, making it well-suited if you only want to access MP3 audio files. TikToktoMP3 offers three different file quality options as a web application, with conversion into 128 kbps, 256 kbps, and 320 kbps.


  • Web application accessed through the browser on your computer or smartphone
  • Different file quality options for MP3 conversion
  • Paste links directly into the browser to create MP3 files


  • No registration or sign-ups for use
  • Free, unlimited downloads
  • User-friendly with a straightforward design


  • Limited functionality for MP3 conversion only
  • No option for multiple downloads
  • Information on kbps of audio file quality options in the tool


TikToktoMP3 is a free tool that can be used from a computer or smartphone browser.

Why use SnapDownloader?

Our goal with SnapDownloader is to combine effortless downloads with practical backups. Unlike web browser options, we store a backup of your audio files and videos, so you never lose your content again. If you're a creator, a remixer, a videographer or a student, our tool makes it effortless to access the sounds you want in the format you need. With support for ten file types, including MP3, across a wide range of platforms, you get everything you need in one handy location.

tiktok to mp3

Downloading MP3 files from TikTok is a great way to be creative and design something exciting and new. Whether you want to remix something or create your own content with great sound effects, SnapDownloader makes extracting audio effortless. 

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Finding the right platform for downloading TikToks is the first step to getting great-quality audio. Whether you’re creating your own content or using sound effects for other purposes, picking the right service for MP3 downloads makes all the difference. SnapDownloader provides a robust, reliable, and professional alternative to other options out there. If you're serious about great MP3 sound, we help you to hit all the right notes. Download and try SnapDownloader for free to discover how to convert TikTok MP3 files today.