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How to download Reddit videos

We've all been there. Finding that must-see Reddit video you absolutely want to save and revisit later.  But then you hit a snag – Reddit's built-in downloader just doesn't cut it.

The good news? SnapDownloader is here to turn that frustration into pure satisfaction. 

Here's how it works:

Paste video URL

Copy the link of the Reddit video you want to download and paste it into our downloader

Choose output quality

Select the video output quality—we allow you to download in the highest quality available.



Right-click 'Download' and then click to save the file to your computer. Your video will be ready in an instant!

Experience our hassle-free Reddit video downloader

Despite Reddit's efforts to block certain third-party downloaders, you can still download Reddit videos using SnapDownloader—and we do it with your safety in mind. With just a few clicks, your video will be ready to enjoy.

Here's how easy it is–simply copy the link to the Reddit video, paste it into SnapDownloader, choose your preferred quality, and we'll handle the rest. 

Our promise? Your downloaded videos will be just as clear as the original, with no added watermarks. So you can experience them exactly as the original creator intended.

Your free and reliable solution for effortless Reddit video downloads

Download with confidence

We are all about safety first. SnapDownloader is 100% secure, keeping your device protected from viruses and malware. You can enjoy your content without worrying about security risks!

Uninterrupted viewing

We let you download Reddit videos without any distracting ads ruining the fun. Watch your favorite content exactly how it was meant to be seen.

Blazing-fast download speed

Nobody likes waiting. We use your full internet connection to deliver blazing-fast download speeds. Get your videos in a flash and start enjoying them sooner.

Simplicity at its finest

SnapDownloader is designed with ease of use in mind.  Downloading videos is a breeze – just a few clicks and you're done. No complicated setups or confusing menus.

Download anywhere

SnapDownloader is compatible with any internet-enabled device—smartphones, tablets, or even laptops. So, you can download your favorite Reddit videos wherever you want.

Support when you need it

We always have your back. Our responsive customer support team is always here to assist you with any questions, concerns, or advice you may have.

Why use SnapDownloader?

We believe SnapDownloder is the best Reddit downloader for you—a stellar rating of 4.9/5 stars from over 500 customers confirms this. 

First off, our downloader is completely ad-free. So, you can just focus on downloading your Reddit videos with minimal distractions. Speaking of distractions, we also avoid disrupting your viewing experience with any added watermarks. You get the video in its purest form, straight from the source.  Even better, you can always use our platform with peace of mind because we care about your security. 

We’d also like you to know your satisfaction is our priority. We take your feedback seriously and are here to assist you 24/7, whether you need support, have suggestions, or want to report a bug.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I download Reddit videos with SnapDownloader for free?

Absolutely, you can download high-quality Reddit videos for free using our Reddit video downloader tool, all the way up to stunning HD resolution. Enjoy ad-free downloads, all without breaking the bank.

Are there any watermarks included in downloaded videos?

No—we prioritize a clean user experience. SnapDownloader downloads are completely watermark-free, ensuring you enjoy the content exactly as intended.

Does SnapDownloader work with all Reddit videos?

Yes, we work with all Reddit videos, including the ones Reddit prevents you from downloading directly. Even better, SnapDownloader is constantly updated to ensure compatibility with the latest changes on Reddit. In the rare case you encounter an issue, our dedicated support team is always happy to help.

Do I need to create an account to use SnapDownloader?

No, our Reddit video downloader works without signup. Just grab the link to your favorite Reddit video, jump in, and start downloading.

How long does it typically take to download a Reddit video with SnapDownloader?

The download speed depends on two main factors: the size of the video itself and your internet connection speed. The good news is that SnapDownloader doesn't throttle your download speed just because it’s free! We let you use your full bandwidth, so you can grab those Reddit videos as fast as possible.

Is there a download limit?

Absolutely not! With SnapDownloader, you can download as many Reddit videos as you want, completely free of charge.

What devices is SnapDownloader compatible with?

SnapDownloader is super easy to use because it's web-based! This means you can access it from any device with a web browser, whether it's your laptop, desktop computer, phone, or even your tablet. Just open your favorite browser, navigate to SnapDownloader, and start grabbing those Reddit videos in seconds.

Are there any annoying ads when using SnapDownloader?

Definitely not! We understand how frustrating ads can be. SnapDownloader provides a clean and ad-free experience, allowing you to focus on downloading your favorite videos.

Does SnapDownloader record my data?

Your privacy is our top concern. SnapDownloader does not record or collect any of your personal data. We also ensure your downloads are completely malware-free, keeping your computer safe from harm.

How do I report issues when using SnapDownloader?

If you experience any trouble using SnapDownloader, our friendly customer support team is here to help 24/7. We're dedicated to resolving any issue as quickly as possible. Simply reach out to us via email at, and we'll be happy to assist you.

If you have more questions about SnapDownloader, please visit our FAQ section or contact us.