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  • Overview: This article discusses bypassing and downloading private YouTube videos and playlists, including suitable tools to help you do this safely. 
  • Why you can trust us: Entrusting the security and integrity of your device with us is a decision backed by expertise and credibility. We demonstrate our unwavering commitment to providing reliable solutions for downloading either open-access or private YouTube videos. 
  • Why it matters: It's crucial to remember that unauthorized attempts to access private content can inadvertently lead to cybersecurity breaches and legal consequences. Our content serves as a guide towards safe access to restricted YouTube content. 
  • Action points: We suggest exercising caution and due diligence when selecting a YouTube downloader for private video downloads. Additionally, consider exploring our recommended tools and methods outlined in this article for a secure downloading experience.
  • Further research: We recommend reading our related articles about the 5 Safest Video Downloader Apps, How to Download Private YouTube Videos and Playlists, and How to Download Private Online Videos using SnapDownloader.

Let’s say you went on a vacation. After returning, one of your friends decides to post your adventures on YouTube as a private video. Unfortunately, even though you can access the content, you cannot download it on your device.

This can be a real nuisance for everyone who loves saving precious images and videos. Although you can watch content as long as you have access, downloading video allows you to edit it, make compilations, and much more.

Why Listen To Us?

At SnapDownloader we prioritize the safety and security of our users above all else. When handling private YouTube videos and playlists, the stakes are higher due to potential legal and privacy concerns.

We ensure that our process for downloading your private YouTube videos and playlists is treated with utmost security.

To give you more confidence in relying on our product, here’s what our clients say about us:

“I've been using SnapDownloader for a few weeks now, and I must say, it's been a game-changer for me. As a webmaster, I frequently need to download videos from Instagram and Twitter, and SnapDownloader has made the process so much easier and faster.” – Jabez T. (Verified Buyer)

“I saw great reviews on Snapdownloader, so after a poor experience with another video downloader I obtained the Snapdownloader trial app. Used it on a number of downloads- quick, easy to use and flawless downloads every time. Bought the very reasonable subscription and was very happy. Does exactly what they say!” – David K. (Verified Buyer)

Is It Possible to Download Private YouTube Videos and Playlists?

Yes, you can download private YouTube videos, playlists, and channels using third-party software like SnapDownloader.

As long as you can access the private content, SnapDownloader lets you download them in various output formats and qualities without any hassle. You can download private videos, your Watch Later playlist, saved playlists, and more.

private youtube downloader

SnapDownloader has the capability to download YouTube videos from 144p up to 8K quality and can convert them to various output formats like MP4, MP3, M4A, MOV, etc. It also lets you trim videos and download YouTube chapters as separate files.

Try SnapDownloader for Free

This video downloader works with over 1,000 websites including popular platforms like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and Twitter.

It's very simple, easy, and quick to download private YouTube videos with SnapDownloader. Read the next section to learn how it works.

How to Download Private Videos and Playlists from YouTube?

There are two methods to download private YouTube videos, playlists, and channels with SnapDownloader. If the method outlined below doesn't work, refer to the second method described later in this article.

Remember that your account must have access to the private content before you can download it.

1. Download and install SnapDownloader

Download and install the latest version of SnapDownloader on your computer. You must use v1.15.0 or higher to download private YouTube content with this method.

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2. Open SnapDownloader and click the key icon

Open the SnapDownloader app and go to the Search tab. In the search bar, you will find a key icon, as shown below. Click to open it.

3. Select a browser

Select the browser where you are signed into YouTube. For example, if your YouTube account is signed in on Google Chrome, you must select this browser from the dropdown menu.

select browser for private downloads

This feature works by using the selected browser's login session to access the private video you want to download.

After you select a browser, click OK. The key icon will turn green to indicate that the private downloader feature is enabled.

4. Paste the YouTube video/playlist/channel link

Paste the link to the private YouTube video, playlist, or channel in the search bar. SnapDownloader will begin searching for it using the browser you selected.

paste video url

5. Download

Once the video is fetched, its details will be displayed. Select the output format and quality, and click Download to begin downloading the video.

download private youtube playlists and videos

That's all you have to do to download private YouTube playlists, videos, or channels. If the above method doesn't work, you can check the next method described below.

Other Methods for Downloading Restricted YouTube Videos

With just a few simple steps, you can bypass some constraints of privacy settings and download YouTube videos for offline viewing or archival purposes.

1. Proxy Servers or VPNs

Proxy servers and Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) are commonly used tools to bypass geographical restrictions and access content that may be restricted in certain regions. When it comes to downloading restricted YouTube videos, they can also be useful.


  • Bypass Geo-Restrictions: Proxy servers and VPNs allow you to change your IP address and appear as if you are accessing the internet from a different location. 
  • Enhanced Privacy: By routing your internet connection through a proxy server or VPN, you can encrypt your data and enhance your online privacy. 


  • Speed Reduction: Using this method can sometimes result in slower internet speeds due to the additional routing of traffic through remote servers.
  • Quality Concerns: Free proxy servers may not always offer the best quality of service, leading to buffering issues or lower video resolution.

2. Command-line tools like YouTube-DL

YouTube-DL's capability to download private videos is particularly noteworthy. 

With the help of this alternative method, you can bypass these restrictions and download private videos with relative ease. 

YouTube-DL can also fetch metadata associated with the videos, including titles, descriptions, tags, and thumbnails.


  • Versatility: YouTube-DL supports a wide range of websites and video platforms beyond just YouTube.
  • Customization Options: You can take advantage of YouTube-DL's extensive command-line options to customize their download preferences, including video quality, format, and extraction of audio-only files.
  • Open-Source: YouTube-DL is an open-source project, meaning its source code is freely available for inspection and modification by anyone.


  • Command-Line Interface: The interface of YouTube-DL may be intimidating for novice users who are not familiar with working in a terminal environment.
  • Updates and Maintenance: Changes to the YouTube platform or other supported websites may occasionally break compatibility of YouTube-DL to other devices.  

Alternative method to download private YouTube content

1. Download and install SnapDownloader

SnapDownloader works with both Windows and macOS. To get started, download and install the latest version on your computer.

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2. Open SnapDownloader and go to the Browser tab

SnapDownloader has a built-in web browser that lets you browse and download videos. With this feature, you can download private videos easily.

Once you open SnapDownloader, click on the Browser tab from the top.

snapdownloader browser

3. Go to YouTube's website and sign in to your account

In the browser, click the YouTube icon or enter to open YouTube.

browse to youtube website

Next, sign in to your YouTube account. This is necessary so that SnapDownloader can access the private content you want to download.

Note that SnapDownloader uses your login session from the browser to access and download private videos. It will never access or store your email and password.

sign in to youtube account

4. Enable the Private Video Downloader feature

Click on the lock icon in the bottom right of the browser.

enable private youtube video downloads

From the new window that opens, tick the Enable private video downloader checkbox and click OK. The lock icon will turn green to indicate it's been enabled.

enable private video downloader

5. Open the private video, playlist, or channel and click Download

Now go to the video, playlist, or channel you want to download. Click the Download button in the bottom right of the browser.

download private youtube playlist, channel, and videos

The app will begin searching for the content. You can view the results by going to the Search tab.

youtube video search

6. Select the output format/quality and click Download

Once the video is searched, SnapDownloader will display all the available video qualities (8K, 4K, 1080p, etc.).

Select your preferred output format and quality, then click the Download button.

how to download private youtube videos

If the content is a playlist or channel, a list of all the available videos will be displayed. You must tick the checkboxes next to the videos you want to download, select the output format/quality, and click Download.

download youtube playlists and channels

SnapDownloader will begin to download the video(s) to your computer. It will be saved to the folder you specified in Settings > General. By default, it is the Movies folder in macOS and the Videos folder in Windows.

You can view the download progress using the Downloads tab > Active.

Is SnapDownloader the Best Tool for Downloading Private Videos and Playlists?

If you want to download private videos from YouTube, you can’t go wrong with SnapDownloader. Aside from this specific social media, the tool allows you to grab private videos from other platforms as well, like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, and more.

Here's why SnapDownloader is the best tool for this particular purpose.

  • The program works for all major platforms
  • It is extremely fast, reliable, and error-free
  • It can download videos up to 8K quality and convert them to other formats like MP4, MP3, M4A, and WAV
  • Users can easily access all their downloaded content via the app
  • Trim videos
  • Allows you to enter your proxy credentials to bypass geo-blocking
  • It can download YouTube videos, playlists, channels, chapters, and age-restricted content

If you’re unsure whether SnapDownloader supports a particular platform, we suggest you try downloading a video and see if it goes through. However, given that the program works for more than 1,000 sites, you’ll most likely be able to execute the download.

SnapDownloader Key Features

1. Private Video Downloads

First and foremost, SnapDownloader is an excellent option if you’re looking to download private videos from Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, or any of the supported platforms. You have to enable the option that would allow you to grab such content, and you’re ready.

Not only can you grab this type of content, but you can get it in various outputs and qualities. In that sense, a private video downloader doesn’t differ much from a public grabber.

2. Video Trimming

There are just two reasons why people download private videos to their desktop or mobile.

The first, the more common one, is so they could save valuable memories on their devices. However, it isn't uncommon for people to repurpose content. They might use the video to create slideshows, merge it with other videos, and do all sorts of shenanigans.

crop youtube videos

In that sense, video trimming perfectly adds to the private video-grabbing feature. Besides editing, it also allows you to chop down unnecessary content, reducing download time.

3. Supports Numerous Platforms

If you browse the web, you’ll notice that SnapDownloader isn't the only tool with a private download feature. However, the enormous number of platforms it supports and the regular updates separates this software from the rest.

> View the list of supported sites

You can use the grabber to get content from more than 1,000 sites. This makes it one of the most versatile software within the niche. Whether you’re grabbing private posts on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, or some other platform, this tool can help you.

4. Bypass Geo-Restrictions

One of the problems people might have has to do with geo-restrictions. Some sites prevent users from accessing content based on their location. Although this isn't a common practice for major social platforms, it's still something you should be wary about, especially on YouTube.

SnapDownloader allows you to download geo-restricted YouTube videos without using a VPN to spoof your location.

How to Download Private YouTube Videos: Alternative Tools

Here are some of the alternative tools that you can employ to download private YouTube videos aside from using SnapDownloader.

1. ClipGrab

ClipGrab is a versatile tool that allows users to download videos from various websites, including YouTube. This private YouTube video downloader software provides a simple and intuitive interface, making it easy for users to navigate.

One of the standout features of ClipGrab is its compatibility across different operating systems. Whether you're using a Windows PC, a Mac, or a Linux machine, ClipGrab ensures you can access its functionalities without any compatibility issues.

Key Features

  • Multi-platform Compatibility: ClipGrab is available for Windows, macOS, and Linux, catering to a wide range of users.
  • Integrated Search: It offers a built-in search function, allowing users to find videos directly within the application.
  • Customizable Output Formats: ClipGrab allows users to choose from various video and audio formats for downloaded content.
  • Clipboard Monitoring: It can automatically detect copied YouTube URLs, making the download process more seamless.


  • Clean and intuitive interface
  • Option to customize download quality
  • Fast download speeds
  • Open-source software


  • Limited advanced features compared to some competitors
  • Occasional compatibility issues with certain websites
  • Lack of built-in video editing tools


ClipGrab is completely free to use with no hidden costs or subscription plans.

2. Freemake Video Downloader

Freemake Video Downloader is a user-friendly tool that allows you to download videos from various websites, including YouTube. It is compatible with Windows operating systems and supports various video formats.

Key Features

  • Wide Range of Supported Sites: Besides YouTube, Freemake can download videos from over 10,000 websites, offering versatility.
  • One-Click Download: It provides a simple "Download" button on YouTube pages for quick access to the download process.
  • Video Conversion: Freemake offers basic video conversion tools, allowing users to convert downloaded videos to various formats.
  • Download History Tracking: Users can view their download history within the application, facilitating easy access to past downloads.
  • Simultaneous Downloading: Freemake supports downloading multiple videos simultaneously, enhancing efficiency.


  • Built-in video conversion tools
  • 10,000+ supported sites
  • User-friendly interface
  • Ability to download videos in various resolutions and formats


  • Ad-supported software
  • Requires .NET Framework on Windows
  • Limited customization options for download settings


Freemake Video Downloader is free to download and use.

3. KeepVid

KeepVid is another popular online video downloader that supports downloading videos from YouTube and other websites.

The tool is compatible with Windows and Mac operating systems, offering flexibility for users across different platforms.

Key Features

  • Online & Desktop Versions: KeepVid offers both online and desktop versions, catering to users with different preferences.
  • Browser Extensions: It provides browser extensions for Chrome, Firefox, and Safari, streamlining the downloading process.
  • High Quality Downloads: KeepVid allows users to download videos in high quality, including 4K resolution where available.
  • Subtitle Extraction: Users can extract subtitles from videos during the download process, adding to the utility of downloaded content.
  • Audio Extraction: KeepVid enables users to extract audio tracks from videos and save them separately in various formats.


  • Online and desktop versions available
  • Browser extensions for quick downloading
  • Supports high-quality video downloads
  • Supports playlist download
  • Offers subtitle extraction feature


  • Limited functionality in the free version
  • Desktop version is only available for Windows
  • Some users report issues with browser extensions


You may download KeepVid for free.

4. Any Video Converter

Any Video Converter stands out as a versatile and user-friendly tool that serves a dual purpose:

  • Conversion of YouTube videos to MP3 and MP4
  • Downloading of videos from various websites (even private ones)

This multifunctional software provides a seamless experience for Windows and Mac operating systems, ensuring accessibility for a broad user base.

Key Features

  • Video Editing Tools: The tool offers basic video editing features, enabling users to trim, crop, and add effects to downloaded videos.
  • DVD Burning: Any Video Converter includes DVD burning capabilities, allowing users to create DVDs from downloaded content.
  • Batch Conversion: Users can convert multiple videos simultaneously, saving time and effort.
  • Output Profile Customization: Any Video Converter provides customizable output profiles, catering to different devices and platforms.


  • Wide range of input and output formats supported
  • Basic video editing features included


  • Free version includes ads and limitations
  • The interface can be overwhelming for beginners


KeepVid offers both free and paid versions. The free version has limited functionality, while the paid version is available for a one-time fee with additional features for $49.95.

5. Airy

Unlike bulkier software, Airy offers a seamless and intuitive user experience, making it an ideal choice for users seeking a straightforward solution to downloading private YouTube videos and playlists.

Key Features

  • MP3 Extraction: Airy allows users to extract audio tracks from YouTube videos and save them as MP3 files.
  • Browser Integration: It integrates seamlessly with popular web browsers, facilitating easy video downloading directly from browser interfaces.
  • Download Queue Management: Airy offers a download queue manager, enabling users to prioritize and manage multiple downloads effectively.
  • Playlist Downloads: Users can download entire playlists from YouTube in one go, simplifying the process of saving multiple videos.
  • Scheduled Downloads: Airy supports scheduling downloads for specific times, allowing users to automate the download process.
  • Download Resumption: It supports resuming interrupted downloads, ensuring that users can pick up where they left off in case of connection issues or interruptions.


  • MP3 extraction feature for audio tracks
  • Download queue management
  • Option to schedule downloads


  • Paid software with limited functionality in the trial version
  • No built-in video editing tools


Airy offers a free trial version with limited functionality. The full version, Airy Pro with a personal license is available for purchase with a one-time fee of $19.95.

Wrapping Up

Note that attempting to download private YouTube videos without permission may violate YouTube's terms of service. Violating the terms could potentially result in penalties, such as suspending or terminating your YouTube account.

Additionally, downloading and distributing copyrighted content without authorization is illegal in many jurisdictions.

Therefore, proceed with caution and always respect the rights of content creators.

If you want to use a YouTube video for offline viewing or other purposes, consider contacting the content creator directly to request permission.