Trying to find a simple video downloader like Y2Mate? Here’s our comprehensive guide on the top 10 alternatives to Y2Mate that hit the right spot every time and which could become your next best YouTube video downloader.

We have come a long way from being slaves to cable companies that, for decades, dictated the type of entertaining content we can enjoy. From news coverage that was biased, to movies and TV shows that some of us simply did not find interesting, there’s a long list of reasons why we grew tired of cable TV and decided to make the decision to cut the cord.

All thanks to the power of the internet, platforms such as YouTube, Dailymotion, Metacafe, and several others, brought online video sharing to the world, which entirely changed the face of the entertainment industry. 

Most of these video-sharing platforms, including social media networks such as Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, and others, restrict the ability to enjoy video content offline. Fortunately, there have been services such as Y2Mate that ease the pain by allowing users to download videos from YouTube and even convert them in real-time into MP3 audio.

However, Y2Mate does not seem to work for everyone with the same efficacy, which is why we wandered out into the depths of the internet to find some of the best alternatives to it.

We’ve split out choices into desktop offerings, whilst also looking at the best Y2Mate alternatives for Android and we’ll also dip into our pick for the best Y2Mate alternative for iPhone.

Here's the list of the best Y2Mate alternatives that serve as a YouTube downloader:


  1. SnapDownloader
  2. 10Downloader
  3. dwnTube
  4. ClipConverter
  6. Video Grabber
  7. Catch Video
  8. SaveFrom
  9. Converto
  10. YouTubNow
  11. FLVTO
  12. Save The Video


  1. The Official YouTube App
  2. Videoder
  3. Vidmate
  4. TubeMate
  5. SnapTik/SnapSave


  1. The Official YouTube App
  2. SnapDownloader + AirDrop

10 Best Y2Mate Alternatives

1. SnapDownloader


SnapDownloader is a diverse, cross-compatible YouTube downloader for video grabbing and downloading videos. It can download videos from all online resources and streaming platforms, including YouTube, TikTok, Vimeo, Instagram, Facebook, and several others. The app gives you access to more than 900 websites to download videos, with special features to download more than a dozen videos at once and fetch content that is regionally restricted.

Try SnapDownloader for Free


  • Simple and intuitive interface that makes it very easy to download videos
  • Support for over 1,000 websites including YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and Twitter
  • Download entire YouTube playlists, channels, VR videos, and chapters
  • In-built video trimmer to cut YouTube videos
  • High-speed downloads
  • Download blocked YouTube videos with the built-in proxy
  • Can download private videos, channels, and playlists


  • Reliable and secure with no advertisements
  • Allows up to 8K videos to be downloaded with the click of a button
  • No recurring fees involved
  • Backed with customer support


  •  Free to use just for 24 hours, after which it requires a lifetime license

2. 10Downloader


10Downloader is a well-known video downloader that is specifically built to save videos from YouTube. It can download all sorts of YouTube videos, including shorts and playlists, and converts them to MP4 and various other video formats.

The biggest drawback of this tool is that it doesn't support audio formats like MP3 and contains popup ads similar to many other online video downloaders.


  • Download YouTube videos in MP4
  • Save Shorts and playlist videos
  • Easy and simple to use
  • High-speed downloads


  • 100% free to use
  • High-quality video downloads
  • Available entirely online and doesn't require the installation of any software


  • Contains popup ads
  • Doesn't support 1080p quality and above
  • Doesn't support audio conversions like MP3

3. dwnTube

dwnTube is another great YouTube video downloader that is simple and easy to use. You paste the URL of a YouTube link, and it will fetch all the available video qualities in MP4 and various other formats. The tool is limited to 720p quality and doesn't support higher qualities.


  • Download YouTube videos in MP4
  • Ad-free
  • Supports playlists, channels, and shorts


  • It doesn't contain intrusive ads (as of this writing)
  • Download speed is fast
  • Free


  • Limited to 720p quality and lower
  • Doesn't support MP3

4. website

ClipConverter introduces an easy-peasy tool to download online videos in seconds.  This tool works with almost all websites including popular streaming giants YouTube, Facebook, and Dailymotion. It makes downloading an effortless and exciting process and takes just a few clicks to download videos. ClipConverter carries diverse features that support downloading high-resolution videos. It allows converting videos into multiple formats including MP3, MP4, or MOV.


  • It downloads videos quickly
  • Allows downloading in multiple qualities
  • It allows downloading both audio and video
  • Store all videos in local storage


  • Free to use
  • Browser add-ons available


  • Android and iOS apps are not available
  • Excessive ads on the website that may be unsafe


video downloader website

Next on the list is a website called Video Downloader, a full-fledged tool that can download videos from more than 1,800 websites including popular platforms like TikTok, Twitter, and Instagram. It is free to use, doesn't require any software to be installed, and is available online which means that you can access it from any device.

The best thing about this video downloader is that it doesn't contain malicious popup ads, unlike other online downloaders.


  • Works with a large number of websites
  • Download in MP4 and various other formats


  • Free to use
  • Doesn't contain harmful and annoying popup ads
  • Large number of websites are supported
  • Converts videos to MP4
  • Can download embedded videos


  • Doesn't support MP3 and other audio formats
  • No support for high-quality formats like 1080p, 4K, and 8K

6. Video Grabber

Video Grabber provides an ultimate solution to users who want to download YouTube videos on their storage. It is a web-based solution that enables users to play favorite videos from multiple online sources and download them locally. Video Grabber allows downloading videos from popular websites including Vevo, Twitch, YouTube, and TED. This website offers a video search engine, making it possible to search for videos online. 


  • Convert videos into different formats
  • All-in-one downloading
  • The video recorder offers video editing and screen recording


  • Offer in-built search to search for YouTube videos using keywords
  • No registration or downloading required
  • Supports HD downloading


  • Doesn’t support playlist downloading

7. CatchVideo

CatchVideo downloader

CatchVideo is a comprehensive tool for users who want a free web-based video downloader, it allows downloading videos from YouTube and other popular websites. CatchVideo assists users in multiple ways like downloading, converting and editing videos quickly. Simply paste the URL in the download box and get the desired video instantly. 


  • Works with any platform and browser
  • Its browser extension lets you save video links instantly
  • Video mixing tools are also available


  • It offers an android app to download videos on smartphones
  • Supports quick downloading
  • Supports MP4 and MP3 formats


  • A small number of websites are supported



SaveFrom is a web-based video downloader that also provides a browser extension to download videos in Chrome. This tool makes available all the features in the browser and works with the majority of browsers through the extensions. With SaveFrom, you can download videos from dozens of websites and the tool is completely free to use. 


  • Easy to use and simple interface
  • Supports downloads from multiple websites
  • Doesn't require the installation of additional software


  • Easy access to downloading videos from any browser or platform
  • Allow downloading high-quality videos from Youtube
  • Fast downloading even on slow connections


  • The site contains ads and notification popups that may be unsafe
  • Doesn't support downloading videos of more than 720p resolution

9. Converto website

Are you fed up with trying and searching for a simple video downloader and most of them failed to reach your expectations? Converto is just too good to ignore. This tool simply saves any videos from YouTube or any other website in a few seconds. It downloads and converts videos into MP4 and MP3 formats and can also cut any video while downloading.


  • Available in multiple languages
  • Lets you edit the file name before downloading
  • No complexities involved as it's very easy to use


  • Fast downloading
  • Multiple output formats supported
  • A great alternative to paid tools


  • Doesn’t offer any browser extension

10. YouTubNow

youtubnow website

YouTubNow is a multi-language website that facilitates saving YouTube videos in seconds. It makes it convenient for users to download hundreds of free videos in a simple method. The website converts videos in only four different formats including MP3, MP4, 3GP, and WebM and lets users download videos at the maximum 1080p quality. Whether you need to search a video online or directly download it, this tool gives you a solution for both. 


  • Doesn't require you to install any software
  • Unlimited downloads supported
  • Powerful video search engine


  • Convert videos to MP4 or MP3
  • Compatible with all YouTube videos
  • Safe to use


  • High-resolution downloading is not allowed

11. website

FLVTO is a multitasking online tool to help people to download as well as record videos online. Besides, it has the capability to convert audio files and video files into various formats. This web-based application downloads videos from leading streaming sites like YouTube, Facebook, and Vimeo. It takes less time to download and convert videos because of its compressing technology. 


  • Download videos with a single click of a button
  • Ease of use
  • No dependency on extensions or additional software


  • Quick downloading
  • Reliable and secure
  • User-friendly interface


  • Doesn’t download videos more than 4K
  • Annoying ads run frequently 

12. Save The Video

Save The Video is one of the favorite tools that supports downloading online videos. Due to its rich features, users fall in love with this tool. Apart from being easy to use, it offers plenty of functions like converting videos online, editing and merging them, adding subtitles, and much more. The platform supports multiple websites including Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Vimeo, and a long list of video-sharing sites.  Its attractive interface and conversion into hundreds of formats make this site the apple of everyone’s eye. 


  • Saves videos up to 1080p quality 
  • Support downloading of YouTube playlists
  • Compatible with any platform and browser


  • Free of cost
  • No registration required
  • Works on multiple devices


  • Pop-ups appear frequently and may be unsafe

Android Alternatives for Y2Mate

For those Android users who love to download online videos from platforms like YouTube, Facebook Video, and TikTok – an android app is a brilliant alternative for Y2Mate on Android. 

Apps installed on your devices are far more convenient than navigating a web-based downloader. Plus, they collate all your downloads in one easy-to-access place.   

Here are our picks for the best Android Y2Mate alternatives. 

13. The Official YouTube App

official youtube app for android

By far the smoothest experience you’ll have downloading YouTube videos on an Android phone is using the official YouTube app. With the release of YouTube Premium (previously YouTube Red), Google has allowed users to download videos to their device to watch offline. 

This acts differently from other YouTube downloaders on this list. These downloaded videos are only viewable in the YouTube app and can’t be accessed by another application or shared with someone else. 


  • Easy to use and trustworthy – like this the official YouTube app, there are no legal concerns or security issues. 
  • Stores your downloads in an easy-to-access folder within the YouTube app.
  • A YouTube Premium subscription will also remove ads on all videos on any device.


  • You need to pay for a YouTube Premium subscription to download videos. This is a steep $11.99 per month.
  • Obviously, you can’t download videos from platforms other than YouTube with this method.
  • Videos aren’t shareable and are only viewable within the app. 

14. Videoder

videoder video downloader

Videoder is an Android app for downloading videos and music from over 50 sites including YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook. The app is downloaded by APK direct from their website. All you need to do is download it and install it and you’ll be downloading in seconds! 


  • Batch downloading
  • Playlist downloading 
  • Features an in-built cover art and tag editor
  • Supports 4K downloading


  • Free to use
  • Fast downloads


  • Pop-up ads can be quite distracting
  • The app is a little buggy from time to time.

15. Vidmate

As with our last pick on this list, Vidmate isn’t available on the Google Play Store. You’ll need to download an APK directly from the app’s website and install it on your phone. 


  • Includes an in-built video and music player. 


  • Free to use
  • Supports loads of services including YouTube, TikTok, Instagram, and more. 
  • You can even download WhatsApp Status!


  • Annoying ads
  • The app can be buggy and crashes sometimes.

16. TubeMate

TubeMate is another widely popular YouTube video download for Android phones. To use the app, you’ll need to browse to the video through the app’s in-built web browser and it will give you the option to pull the video and download it. 

To install, visit the TubeMate website and download the APK.


The app downloads in a wide array of formats including MP4, FLV, WEBM, and more. The app, however, only supports up to 1080p downloads. 


  • Free to use
  • Supports picture-in-picture playback
  • Quick downloads
  • Lots of formats to choose from.


  • Dated, clunky app design
  • No 4K downloads

17. SnapTik

SnapTik is a video downloading app mainly geared towards downloading TikTok videos without a watermark. However, as it can also support platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, SnapTik is another good Y2Mate alternative for Android.

Unlike the other Android apps on this list, SnapTik is available on the Google Play Store. How did it get away with this? It’s because the app doesn’t support YouTube, and so doesn’t violate Google’s terms of service (ToS). 


  • Easy TikTok downloads
  • Supports a range of video platforms
  • 1080p downloads


  • Free to use
  • Smooth app


  • Annoying adverts and popups. 
  • Doesn’t support YouTube. 

Alternatives for Y2Mate on iPhone

When looking for an effective YouTube video downloader like Y2Mate on iOS, the search is unfortunately hampered by the locked-down nature of the platform. You can’t download videos from the internet on iPhones and it’s extremely difficult to install fully-featured apps that aren’t from the Apple App Store.

The App Store is a tightly controlled app marketplace, and therefore it is no surprise there are no YouTube downloaders on the App Store. 

The following two entries on this list will detail our recommendations on workarounds to download YouTube videos and other online videos to your iPhone. 

18. The Official YouTube App

youtube app for iphone

The sad truth is that the only way to download YouTube videos to your iPhone to watch offline without either using another device or jailbreaking your iPhone is to use the official YouTube app.

With YouTube Premium, you can download any video on the platform to your device to watch offline. This feature doesn’t support 4K downloads, however, and you can’t view the video outside of the YouTube app or share it with anyone else. 


  • Easy to use and trustworthy
  • Stores your downloads in an easy to access folder within the YouTube app.
  • A YouTube Premium subscription will also remove ads on all videos on any device.


  • You’ll need to shell out for a YouTube Premium subscription to download video - $11.99 per month.
  • You can’t download videos from platforms other than YouTube with this method.
  • Videos aren’t shareable and are only viewable within the app. 

19. SnapDownloader + AirDrop

That leaves us with one other option: using a desktop downloader on your Mac and transferring the video to your device via AirDrop. 

We recommend our top pick for this: SnapDownloader.

It’s fairly simple to achieve, but can be tedious if you’re not used to AirDropping to your iPhone. 

First, download SnapDownloader and find the video you want to download. Save it to your device. 

Enable AirDrop both on your Mac and your iPhone. You can find more information on how to do this here. 

Then, find where you’ve saved the video and share it with your iPhone via AirDrop. 

Don’t have a Mac? You can try using WhatsApp Web or Desktop as a workaround. Simply send the video on your desktop device to a friend and you should be able to download it from the WhatsApp app.

Wrapping Up

After testing out more than a couple of dozen different options available to download YouTube videos, we realized the limitations that come with a web-based video downloader, and most importantly, not all of the online downloaders are safe as most are infested with annoying popups and ads. In most cases, the video quality was restricted to 720p HD resolution, while others were riddled with advertisements. The reason we recommend SnapDownloader above all is the fact that the one-time purchase app offers you an uber premium solution to download videos in the maximum available resolution, live convert video to audio, and even access region-locked content that would not be available otherwise.