Have you ever gone onto a website wanting to download a video and realized that the video is embedded into the page? It can seem as though it’s impossible to download embedded videos, but it’s very much possible to do so.

Downloading an embedded video is as simple as downloading any other online video. Once you know how all it takes is a few clicks!

At SnapDownloader, we believe you should be able to download online videos from wherever you’d like. That’s why in this article, we’re going to show you how to download embedded videos from websites. 

What is an Embedded Video?

An embedded video is a video that is embedded into an online page, rather than on a video hosting site such as YouTube. This lets visitors watch the video whilst staying on the page, meaning that they never have to leave the site the video is embedded on.

Why Should You Download Embedded Videos?

Whether you’re saving videos for later when you may not have internet access or you’re simply archiving a video to preserve it, downloading videos from the internet is not only simple but useful as well.

Some sites have great videos embedded into them with a closed video player, rather than embedding and linking to a video on a platform like YouTube. This can make it more difficult to download a video. 

Unlike downloading a video from YouTube or other video-sharing sites, the path to downloading an embedded video may seem more tricky. However, the process is simple with SnapDownloader, as you’ll be able to download embedded videos within a few clicks. Let’s show you how!

How to Download Embedded Videos

1. Download and install SnapDownloader.

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2. Copy the URL of the page that the video is embedded on.

copy page URL

3. Paste that URL into SnapDownloader’s search bar.

paste page link

4. Ensure the checkbox next to the video you’d like to download is checked and choose your desired settings such as the output format and quality. Click on Download.

select video checkbox

5. You can check your download progress in the Downloads tab.

download progress

6. Double-click on the video to play it.

How to Download Embedded YouTube Videos

1. Click the YouTube button on the player. This will open the video’s YouTube page.

click youtube logo

2. Copy the YouTube Page URL.

3. Paste the URL into the SnapDownloader search bar.

paste url in search bara

4. Select the output format and quality, then click on Download.

5. Head to the Downloads tab to track the progress of your download. Once downloaded, double-click on the video to open it.

Make Video Downloading Simple with Snapdownloader

Downloading embedded videos is incredibly simple with SnapDownloader, and it only takes a few clicks! Instead of having to spend ages trying to download videos off of the internet, SnapDownloader is the easiest way to be able to download videos from anywhere with no fuss.

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SnapDownloader even has a free trial, so you can try us out to make sure we’re right for you! Get started with SnapDownloader today, and make downloading videos from the internet as simple as a few clicks.

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