From movie clips to music videos, fashion tips, comedy, educational videos, game reviews, and walkthroughs – there are plenty of videos. While YouTube’s huge content volume is terrific, sifting through them can be overwhelming. Don’t worry, we’ve compiled a list of 10 incredible YouTube channels to subscribe to in 2024.

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That said, here are our top ten picks for must-watch Youtube channels in 2024.

Top 10 YouTube Channels to Check Out in 2024

10. Jenna Marbles

If you're a dog lover and love to see the bright side of life, then you should be following Jenna Marbles. With over 20 million subscribers, the channel is a fan favorite. What makes Jenna Marbles so interesting? Jenna posts random videos about her everyday life, highlighting how fun and easy-going life should be. If she's not showing her four amazing dogs, she's talking about her boyfriend or trying out weird outfits that'll get you rolling.

9. Crash Course

If you’d love a channel that brilliantly replaces a classroom, then Crash Course is exactly what you're looking for. With a vast collection of educational videos, learning can be so much fun. The channel has a fantastic team of educators that continually produce videos on a wide array of subjects. Whether your interest lies in European History or Organic Chemistry gives you butterflies, Crash Course is your one-stop educational channel. Popular topics on the channel include literature, biology, ecology, history, engineering, drama, statistics, and philosophy.

8. Now You See It

Don't we all love movies? Most of us are fascinated with how those mind-blowing scenes and effects were made. With the Now You See It YouTube channel, your days of wondering are over. Subscribing to the channel is almost like registering for a film school. The channel explores the various elements of filmmaking, from production design to location shooting. You also get to see the multiple techniques your favorite film directors use. Breaking down these shots can be so satisfying, and if you need to download the entire channel, you can always use SnapDownloader. 

7. NPR Music

You might already know NPR as a popular talk radio platform, but there’s more to it. NPR's music side has even more fun, with a YouTube channel that brings the best performances to your living room. You get videos of live shows, songs, concerts, and documentaries. The most exciting part of the channel is the Tiny Desk series, which features live performances from the world's most prominent artists. Alicia Keys, Adele, Coldplay, Jenny Lewis, Koffee, Wale, and a host of others have been featured on NPR Music Tiny Desk Concerts. 

6. Epic Meal Time

Are you in for the world's craziest recipes? Epic Meal Time is more than your regular YouTube cooking channel. The channel's goal is simple: to make your dreams (of any recipe) come true. You'll find videos on different food, including pizza, burgers, candy, lasagnas, and French fries. The channel also features the host shopping for food ingredients in stores. One last thing: the channel is immensely addictive not just for the types of meals they make, but also for how they make them. If you want to recreate these recipes, you can start by downloading the video so you can play it back freely in your own time. For an online video downloader that you can trust, turn to SnapDownloader.

5. Giant Bomb

Giant Bomb is quickly becoming the ultimate video gaming YouTube channel. What makes the channel tick for many game lovers are the seasoned games journalists that grace the channel. They are not fantastic game reviewers, but incredibly hilarious. You're going to be laughing out loud while wholly immersed in the world of video games. The channel posts videos every day on both old and new video games, so you don't go a day without some entertainment. The Quick Looks section features a demo of new video games by the channel staff.

4. Fun For Louis

There are just a few of us who don't love some travel and adventure. Fun For Louis YouTube channel takes you to places you've never been – virtually, of course. The channel features videos of Louis' trips to some of the most exotic locations in the world. You also get to see some of his most awe-inspiring adventures that'll spark a bit of good jealousy in you. This is not a travel tips vlog, but one that showcases Louis's many trips around the world. You'll find his travel videos to top destinations in Africa, Australasia, South America, Asia, Europe, and North America. 

3. Wanna Walk 

Wanna Walk gives you something similar to reality TV, but in an entirely innovative manner. The videos are simply walking tours of the world’s biggest cities – New York, Madrid, London, Rio de Janeiro, Lisbon, and several others. This channel is particularly thrilling, in that what you get is raw footage of the city streets. You can overhear conversations and meet people on the sidewalks – a completely immersive experience. It’s also fun when the camera picks out colorful food markets, art fairs, and other exciting sceneries. 

2. Fitness Blender

Whether you just want to stay healthy or fit like your favorite athlete, Fitness Blender makes for a dependable partner. Fitness experts Daniel and Kelli Segars will guide you through your fitness goals. With a wide array of workout activities that target every part of the body, the channel has become a fitness hub for millions of people. The best part of it all is that even with little or no equipment, you’re good to go. Also, Fitness Blender routines don't require large space, making it easier for you to work out regardless of where you live.

1. Khan Academy

Top on the incredible YouTube Channels list to subscribe to in 2024 is the educational channel, Khan Academy. If you've ever searched for anything school-related on YouTube, there's a chance you've come across this channel. Featuring lots of educational videos on a wide range of subjects, Khan Academy is your perfect online school. The videos are very interactive, helping students achieve success in their academic pursuits. Subjects covered include mathematics, grammar, chemistry, literature, biology, economics, physics, history, finance, and several others. Khan Academy also makes for a useful resource for teachers, with videos that teach them how to bring out their students' best.

Wrapping Up

As you must have noticed, the most incredible YouTube channels to subscribe to in 2024 aren't necessarily the biggest in terms of subscriber count, but they contain top-quality and highly engaging content for viewers. The channels in this review stand out not just for the uniqueness of their content, but also for how immersive they are. Subscribing to these channels will transform your YouTube experience forever. 

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