Taking video notes is an arduous task. Sometimes, you have to go through hours upon hours of playtime to cover everything that has been said during business meetings and lectures. To make matters worse, you might have to constantly backtrack the process if the sound is unintelligible.

The good news is that you can use all sorts of video notes apps to help you out. In this article, we'll go through the best software within this category and break down their features.

What Are Video Note Takers?

AI video note takers are nifty apps that can generate video transcripts and summaries. Most of them also come with collaboration features as well as screen recording functions. You can use these programs to add notes, assign actions, and highlight certain sections.

These programs are mostly used by companies to create summaries and highlights of their business meetings. However, they can also be a great solution if you wish to take notes on YouTube videos. These apps work with Google Meet, Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and other video platforms.

Some of them also allow you to record videos in real time and make transcripts on the go. You can also use video note takers by uploading content directly into the respective dashboard.

Criteria For Selecting the Best AI Video Note Taker App

Despite serving the same basic function, artificial intelligence video note takers can significantly differ from one another. So, when choosing a solution, make sure it has just the right features. Here are the main things you should watch out for when buying one of these programs:

  • Accuracy of transcripts and summaries
  • Highlighting, taking notes, and assigning tasks
  • Text-altering and polishing features
  • Collaboration features
  • Recording and real-time notes
  • Speed of processing
  • Integrations with major video and meeting platforms

Your main focus should always be on accuracy. In the end, the software beats its purpose if it can't generate authentic summaries and transcripts. If you're using a program for your meetings, you should definitely check out the integrations. The last thing you need is to subscribe to a tool that doesn't work on your favorite video platform.

7 Best AI Note Taker Apps

After checking out a large number of AI note takers, we've decided to create a list of the best solutions on the market. Here's what to expect from these top-tier programs!

1. ScreenApp


ScreenApp is an incredible platform that allows you to record videos and automatically generate transcripts. The great thing about the software is that it's pretty autonomous, requiring minimal human involvement. Besides allowing you to create transcripts as you record, ScreenApp can also process uploaded content.

The software is popular among companies as it can generate precise transcripts of their meetings. However, you can also gain a lot of value from the software if you're a YouTube, Kick, or Twitch streamer. ScreenApp can also help students by highlighting the most important sections of their lectures.

The app has many great features, like an audio and video analyzer, a meeting recorder, and a video summarizer. I specifically loved the AI video note taker feature because it automatically takes notes during our meetings with the team and saves so much of our time.

Key Features

  • Screen recording
  • Audio recording
  • Video uploading
  • AI transcripts and summaries
  • Paraphrasing and text editing
  • Automatic timestamps


  • Fast and reliable artificial intelligence processing
  • Great collaboration features
  • Works for any type of video content
  • Solid quality for the price


  • Limited download formats
  • Limited storage support

2. Fireflies

fireflies note taker app

Fireflies is a perfect solution if you’re looking to summarize, transcribe, and analyze any voice conversation. Similar to ScreenApp, this software can generate transcripts in real time as you’re having meetings with your team. Besides audio files, the app also works for video content.

It takes approximately 5 minutes for Fireflies to create a transcript of a 1-hour call. The AI note taker has filters that will allow you to quickly view any questions asked during the video, as well as analyze filler words, prices, tasks, and metrics. 

Key Features

  • Screen and audio transcripts and summaries
  • Tracking video and conversation metrics 
  • Identifying key talking points 
  • Filtering questions, tasks, and filler words
  • Collaborating across several popular platforms 


  • Great search tools 
  • Set speaker names
  • Creates personalized categories
  • Accurate punctuation and separators


  • Occasional accuracy issues
  • Lackluster video editing
  • Limited language options
  • No video recording 

3. Otter

With Otter, you can easily add comments to your videos, assign action items, and highlight the main talking points. Otter creates live summaries, which will be sent to all call participants after you finish the meeting. 


One of the Otter’s best features is the live chat. You can use an AI assistant to ask other call participants about a certain issue or get answers via data retrieval. The program excels at extracting various sales insights and metrics, determining budgets, roles, and needs for your projects.

Key Features

  • Recording of meetings
  • Transcriptions and summaries
  • Advanced AI assistant 
  • Sales insights 


  • Live recordings, summaries, and transcripts 
  • Topic indexing and breakdown
  • Processes videos according to your preset schedule
  • Easy transcript and summary sharing


  • Lousy customer support
  • Issues with action items
  • Trouble differentiating speakers
  • It doesn’t support longer videos above 45 minutes

4. Rewatch 

The great thing about Rewatch is that it automatically generates recap, summary, and action notes within the dashboard. Each one of the entries comes with a timestamp, so you can go back to the start of a specific discussion. Rewatch also creates transcripts where you can easily differentiate every speaker.

The video note taker also has a few nice collaboration features, such as live chat and content sharing. All data is stored on the cloud, and you can make all sorts of editing changes to the content.

Key Features

  • Meeting recording 
  • Live summaries, transcripts, and action points 
  • Advanced collaboration features 
  • Recordings scheduling
  • Advanced integration options 


  • Great breakdown of topics
  • Lots of valuable integrations 
  • Excellent handling of timestamps 


  • Not the best user interface
  • Limited options for premade video files
  • Occasional accuracy issues 

5. Bubbles

Bubbles is a perfect product for streamlining your business communication. The video note software is connected to your Google account, which allows it access to your schedule. Once a call starts, it will automatically get recorded and transcribed so you can access it at a later date.

Bubbles has a neat interface that allows you to click anywhere on the screen to post new notes and recordings. You can also use it to create answers in the form of reply videos that will eliminate any back-and-forth between you and your team members. 

Key Features

  • Streamlining online meetings 
  • Generates live action items 
  • Advanced video sharing and replying 
  • Scheduling video notes


  • Intuitive, easy-to-modify interface 
  • Great video replying features 
  • Connects to your calendar 
  • Categorize all your files in one place 


  • It can’t process videos from other platforms 
  • Steep learning curve
  • Limited customization 

6. Ssembly 

Sembly is really great at taking various notes from meetings. Aside from general summaries and transcripts, the tool can also create a brief outline with timestamps, breaking down what every speaker was talking about. The AI video note maker also allows you to create bookmarks for specific parts of the conversation.

One of the best things about this software is that it supports 42+ languages, making it ideal for international teams. After a meeting, Semly’s AI assistant will generate a few prompts for different summaries. For example, you can ask AI to break down participants’ ideas, show challenges, and talk about different things that occurred on the call.

Key Features

  • Automatic notes, transcripts, and summaries
  • Advanced filtering options 
  • Integrates with top team communication tools
  • Integrated chat


  • Allows you to create bookmarks and tasks 
  • The tool can create subcategories of Projects, Tasks, and Activities 
  • The AI assistant can generate modified summaries 
  • Tracks financial metrics and business risks 


  • Certain functions are basic
  • You can’t upload videos
  • Attributes dialog to wrong speakers
  • Occasionally disconnects from calendar 

7. Tl;dv

Tl;dv creates a full transcript of your online video calls with timeliness. By marking certain sections of the text, you can jump to the featured part without having to look for it within the clip. It also helps that the platform supports 30+ languages, a feature you won’t find in many AI video note takers.

Although the software doesn’t create automatic summaries, it can create them upon your request. The AI assistant can also generate reports, provide analytical data, and process the content in a few other nifty ways. 

Key Features

  • AI-powered summaries and transcripts
  • User-friendly interface
  • Advanced collaboration features
  • Clip creation and editing


  • Supports 30+ languages
  • Allows you to find specific parts in the video
  • Solid integration options
  • Easy to share files with different departments 


  • Issues with recording and auto-joining
  • Occasional bugs
  • Unintuitive video library
  • The search feature doesn’t work that well

Wrapping Up 

Your choice of video note taker will vary depending on your specific needs. While most of these tools focus on generating notes from meetings, a few of them can also work with uploaded files. You should also pay attention to their accuracy and speed, as this can affect your productivity. 

Most companies offer free trials, so we suggest you take advantage of this opportunity. That way, you can find just the right solution for your content creation process.